Md Ariful Islam

Md Ariful Islam

  • MBA in Marketing
  • BSC in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Founder
  • Founder
N/A no: 123
100 consultation fee
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Md Ariful Islam

Hello, I am Ariful Islam. I am the founder of the largest question to answer website in the Bengali language named Bissoy. Right now I am working with Internet marketing and some other projects.

  • 2021 – Present at Rangpur
  • Male | Married | Islam


  • Bissoy

  • Addess: Chowhurani Bazar, Pirgachha, Rangpur
  • Appointment Number: 01737541930
  • tEST

  • Addess: ABCS
  • Appointment Number: 01737541930


Web monetization consultancy

  • Starts from 200$
  • I have over 5 years experience running my own publishing company with some leading websites that delivered over 40 million page impressions per month. I am here to help you Monetize or generate more money from your website with a great passion! You have a high traffic website and already earning money from that site through Google AdSense and other platforms but you think or were told that you can earn more and you are looking for an Adsense, Ad Manager (DFP) and Content Discovery optimization expert to do that for you.I will bear the headache of optimization, revenue generation, and monetization. Professional services: 1. Google Adsense setup and optimization. 2. Google Ad Manager (DFP) setup, Management, and Trafficking. 3. Programmatic Ad networks setup and optimization. 4. Content Discovery or Native Advertising setup and optimization. 5. Instant Article Setup. 6. Audience Network setup and optimization. 7. Complete websites monetization and revenue generation management and support. I have over 5 years experience running my own publishing company with ... see more

Online Business Consultancy

  • Starts from 100$
  • I can give you consultancy to earn money from google Adsense and facebook audience Network. Practices you need to follow to improve your website's search engine visibility, position at social media, web page loading speed, user experience and other relevant performance metrics.. I can give you consultancy to earn money from google Adsense and faceb... see more

Work Experience

  • Founder

  • Bissoy
  • 2013-present
  • Founder

  • 2017-present


Bengali/Bangla English


Android Application Development

  • RRF Institute
  • 31/11/2015 - 31/11/2015


Begum Rokeya University Rangpur

  • MBA
  • Marketing
  • 2022-present

Dhaka International University

  • (B.Sc) Hon's
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • 2017-2021

Rangpur Polytechnic Institute

  • Diploma Engineering
  • Computer Technology
  • 2013-2016

Chowdhurani High School

  • SSC
  • Science
  • 2007-2012
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