How to be successful in life?
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If you want to be successful person in your life at first you need to determination that you must do it. Your determination may help you to be succeed. On the rather hand you need to work hard because without try or hard work you won't get anything. Every person wants to be successful person in his or her life but sometimes it's supposed to be not possible some unnecessary barrier but if you overcome the all of barrier then you may be a successful person.

donot ask 'how to be',ask how you succed in your life.though everyone advise,donot hear.obiously you have a 'life',so you should have common sense of knowing basic of success.if you donot have life,then ask!

1. Encouragement. When we know that success can lead to even more success, we feel encouraged to try our hardest at everything we do.

2. Confidence. Succeeding once endows us with confidence: we feel that we now know the secret to success and we know that we have the ability to succeed again and again.

3. Positivity. Knowing that success breeds success helps us to have a positive outlook on life: things will keep on getting better!

4. A recipe for success. This phrase teaches us that once we have worked out how to succeed once, we can succeed again - success need not be something mysterious.

5. Helping others. If we want other people to succeed in life, we know that all that we need to do is to give them some initial help and then that first success will create more and more opportunities for them.

To be successful in life first you have to believe in Allah.Then do your all works properly and attentively.

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