" Good manners " Paragraph.

Good manners

Good manners are the external expressions of ones's inner goodness and education.They generate a good and welcome response.Here goes a maxim," One good turn deserves another".Good manners can be acquired ftom good dealings and behaiviour.But communities and societies can behave well or rudely in accordance with their levels.Well-developed societies show much regards to their elders.Good manners can be inherited from hood,educated and well-mannered or well-behavwd families.So goes a saying,"A good company makes a man good while a bad ones make him bad".If anyone becomes accustomed to good manners or behave well he can under no circumtances misbehave with anyone.Man is a rational being.He is heavey or divinely declared as "Ashraful Maklukhat" the noblest creation.His rationality urges him to probe the mysterious of nature,to consider the elements,reach the moon and go beyond extension.He cannot remain idly.His great thirst for knowledge and enlightment now know no bounds.Good manners  form the very foundation of our culture and civilization.Good manners helps a man turn friendly even to an enemy.The holy prophet (sm) learned good manners from heaven.He could easily lift the curtail and developed a friendship with all by dint of good manners.If all the members of a family are well-mannered or well-behaved it will be a civilized and aristocratic family.Good manners also demand equal behsiviour with all and sundry without any distinction between caste and creed.It doean't tell us to behave well with our near and dear one's.They urges us to stand up in the presence of elders and senior citizens.Good manners and civilization are closely linked.In ancient time,the prince abd the princess were sent event to courtesans to learn and cultivate good manners because  the former was a model of etiquettes and polite behaiviour.Good manners don't have any exaggeration in it.Gold is always gold whether it is in the possession of any rich or poor man.Hence good manners should be learned from any person.The principles of good manners should always be followed and adhered to them because they make life so pkeasant,smooth and easy.Good manners indicate a man real who under nocircumtances misbehaves with anyone.  

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