Formal Letter টা লিখে দিন প্লীজ, অনেক গাইড বই খুঁজছি,কোথাও পাই নাই!?

Formal Letter টা লিখে দিন প্লীজ, অনেক গাইড বই খুঁজছি,কোথাও পাই নাই!?'Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the price hike of commodities' এই লেটার টা প্লীজ লিখে দিন! অনেক গাইড বুক খুঁজেছি কোথাও পেলাম না!   ধন্যবাদ

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To The Editor পত্রিকার নাম ঠিকানা        Sub: High Price of Essential Commodities   Sir,        Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I venture to voice my views against the soaring price of essential commodities.        The recent price-rise has become a headache to most of the people and it is now impossible for people to make both ends meet. It has hit hard the low and middle-class people. The day-labourers and the fixed-salaried people are the worst sufferers. Not to speak of meat or fish, even the prices of vegetables are increasing every day! Even the white-coloured water in the name of milk sells at TK. 60 a litre. The prices of rice, clothes, kerosine, medicine and other essential commodities are also increasing by leaps and bounds. All these have made the life of common people miserable.           Hence, I think that the government should take effective steps to control the price of essential commodities without any further delay.   Thanking you,                           Yours faithfully,       আপনার নাম From, আপনার ঠিকানা এবং তারিখ

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