Dialogue টি চাই???প্লিজ উত্তর দিন,খুব প্রয়োজন।।।।?

Dialogue টি চাই???প্লিজ উত্তর দিন,খুব প্রয়োজন।।।।?

আমাকে two friends about the importance  of learning English এই dialogue টি দিন।

ইন্টারনেট থেকে কপি করবেন না। গাইড থেকে লিখে দিবেন না।class 8 এর উপরের গাইডের সহায়তা নিতে পারেন ।
    সুন্দর  ও বড় করে লিখে দিবেন যেন খাতায় লিখলে dialogue টি  3 -4 page হয়। দয়া করে লিখে দিন,অগ্রিম ধন্যবাদ।।

1 টি উত্তর

you: hi, how are you? your friend :fine,you? you: also. I have not been discussing with you for a long time. I will be thinking today. your friend : of course. What do you want to discuss? you: I Want to talk about how to improve in English. your friend : Topic is very good. But there are many weaknesses in my English. I know English international language But I'm too low. you:Do not you take any step to improve in English? your friend :no. you:You should be able to master English teaching skills. At present, in every case such as jobs, education, etc., there is a lot of English needs. You have to learn this language to survive in the world.English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English. your friend : I know English is the language of science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad. you:also,the language of the Internet. Many websites are written in English – you will be able to understand them and to take part in forums and discussions.Because it's fun! By learning English, you will also learn about other cultures. Few experiences will make you grow as a person more than learning the values, habits and way of life in a culture that is different from yours. your friend :What can I do now? you:You use the dictionary. You can read English newspapers, coaching an English education. You have to learn vocabulary।Some of your favourite films, TV shows and pop music are probably English-language. Go to any international film festival in the world and you will see that all films are either in English or have English subtitles. your friend :Yet I fear a lot and speak English. you:There is nothing so scary. I am with you your friend: thanks a lot for your advice. you: it's ok.I'm going to my English teacher now. Do you want to go? your friend : yes. you:let's go.

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