Composion টা কি দিবেন????plz answer?

Composion টা কি দিবেন????plz answer?

 আমাকে"Unemployment problem of Bangladesh " এই paragraph টি দিন???

কিন্তু নেট থেকে কপি করবেন না।কোন গাইড থেকে লিখে দিবেন না ।

পারলে নিজ থেকে সুন্দর করে লিখে দিবেন ।একটু বড় ও সুন্দর করে লিখে দিবেন।

আমাকে যদি সাহায্য করেন তবে খুবই কৃতজ্ঞ থাকব।যারা যারা এই  paragraph টি পারবেন,সবাই এটির উত্তর দেওয়ার চেষ্টা করবেন plz plz plz.....


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There are many problems inside Bangladesh.The unemployment is one of the talked to them. The word ‘unemployment’ means a state in which a man is out of work. When an adult person has no work to bring money for the subsistence of himself and the members of his family he is treated to be unemployed. Being unemployed, we are generally called unemployed.According to the Ministry of Youth Ministry, in the country at present there are between 18 and 35 years of youth and females about four and a half million. In the next year, the number will rise to nearly five quarters. According to the research by UNDP and Bangladesh Bank, the number of unemployed in the current quarter is three and a half million. Among them, educated unemployed is 2 billion and two million. On the other hand, the number of households in the country is five crore To give jobs to one person from every family, five crore people are required to pay jobs, which is very difficult in Bangladesh's reality. The number of unemployed in the country is increasing. In addition to the low educated, the number of highly educated workforce is also increasing. With this, the scope of employment is coming down. With the highest degree of engineering and MBBS, many highly educated youths are turning to unemployment. The crisis in the education of the less educated and middle educated in the country, almost similar to its similar crisis in higher education. The reason is that the number of jobs is not increasing even if their number increases. The number of industrial factories has not been increased or expanded in the proportion of population growth. Besides the lack of coordinated planning of employment generation, the lack of allocation of employment generation is taking the situation to worse. In the absence of proper planning and supervision, the estimation of investment in the industry and trade sectors is not consistent with the creation of employment. On the other hand, in the garment sector, job management is half-job or semi-unemployment. Besides, due to the lack of energy crisis and necessary infrastructural development, new industries have been hampered. Basically the investment in the new sector of labor-oriented projects in the industrial sector is not growing. On the other hand, due to the lack of reform and modernization and lack of efficient management, many old factories have become inconsequential, closed down. For these various reasons, the scope of permanent work can not be expanded. In many cases, in the past decade, the government policy of selling and stopping the factories selling pressure on world banks and donors has led the country to the opposite direction. The adverse effects of these jobs are naturally occurring in employment and employment.The survey showed that the number of financially operational workforce above the age of 15 is 47 million. Of this, 4.77 million workers are engaged in different occupations. The maximum labor force is 48.10 percent in agricultural sector. The current government's election pledge was to ensure at least one armor in each family. At present, the number of sanctioned posts in government paramilitary and autonomous establishment is around 25 lakh. There are about 400,000 vacant posts in this five lakhs. In order to reduce budget deficits and to reduce the losses in the field, recruitment to many government, semi-government and autonomous organizations has been discontinued to reduce government subsidy anywhere. As a result, the vacant posts are vacant, the newer, more vacant posts are associated with it.The government must solve the unemployment problem, only then this country will become the golden Bengal.

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