Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops contains Xylometazoline. Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops uses:

For the symptomatic relief of nasal congestion, perennial allergic rhinitis (including hay fever), sinusitis.

Brand Name: Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops
Generic: Xylometazoline
Weight: 0.05 %
Type: Nasal Drop
Therapeutic Class: Nasal Anti-histamine preparations
Price: 34
Last Updated: 2020-11-21 18:15:00


Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops contains Xylometazoline 0.05 %. Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops doses

Adults: 2 or 3 drops of Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops Adult formula (0.1%) two to three times daily. This adult formula should not be used for children under the age of 12 years.Children under 12 years: 1 or 2 drops of the Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops children's formula (0.05%) in each nostril once or twice daily. Not to be used in infants less than 3 months.


Side Effects

The following side effects have occasionally been encountered: a burning sensation in the nose and throat, local irritation, nausea, headache, and dryness of the nasal mucosa. Systemic cardiovascular effects have occurred, and this should be kept in mind when giving Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops to people with cardiovascular disease.


Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops is a sympathomimetic agent with marked alphaadrenergic activity, and is intended for use in the nose. It constricts the nasal blood vessels, thereby decongesting the mucosa of the nose and neighboring regions of the pharynx. This enables patients suffering from colds to breathe more easily through the nose. The effect of Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops begins within a few minutes and persists for several hours. Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops is generally well tolerated and does not impair the function of ciliated epithelium. Systemic absorption may occur following nasal application of Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops.


Each Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops pack should be used by one person only to prevent any cross-infection. Patients are advised not to take decongestants for more than seven consecutive days.


No drug interactions have been reported.

Pregnancy Lactation use

No foetal toxicity or fertility studies have been carried out in animals. In view of its potential systemic vasoconstrictor effect, it is advisable to take the precaution of not using Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops during pregnancy


Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops nasal drops is contraindicated in patients with trans-sphenoidal hypophysectomy or surgery exposing the dura mater. It is also contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops.

Special Warning


Acute Overdose


Interaction with other Medicine


Storage Condition

Protect from heat. For reasons of hygiene, do not use the bottle more than 28 days after opening it.

Xylone Paediatric Nasal Drops Nasal Drop price in India 34