Antrenex Eye Drop

Brand Name: Antrenex
Generic: Oxyphenonium Bromide (Eye preparation)
Weight: 1%
Type: Eye Drop
Therapeutic Class: Preparations for Ophthalmic diagnosis
Manufacturer: Opso Saline Ltd.
Price: 0.00
Last Updated: 2020-11-19 18:15:00

Antrenex Eye Drop Uses

Antrenex Eye Drop contains Oxyphenonium Bromide (Eye preparation). Antrenex uses:

Dilatation of pupil

Antrenex Eye Drop Doses

Antrenex Eye Drop contains Oxyphenonium Bromide (Eye preparation) 1%. Antrenex doses:

1 -2 drops or as required.


Side Effects

Eye- Blurred vision and sensitivity to sunlight.


Oxyphenonium is an anticholinergic drug. It exerts its action by inhibiting muscarinic (cholinergic) receptors on smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and prevents the effect of Acetylcholine. Inhibition of Acetylcholine produces relaxation of smooth muscles and prevents the muscle spasm in irritable bowel syndrome.

Oxyphenonium also has a direct relaxant effect on smooth muscle. It also inhibits gastrointestinal propulsive movement and decreases gastric acid secretion and control bronchial, pharyngeal and tracheal secretions. It also possesses nicotinic blocking activity and interferes with ganglionic or neuromuscular transmission. It cross the BBB poorly and does not produce CNS effect.

Antrenex Precaution

Caution should be exercised in patients with history of high blood pressure, increased eye pressure, elderly, children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



Pregnancy Lactation use

Category- Not Classified. FDA has not yet classified the drug into a specified pregnancy category.


Patients with urinary obstruction, paralytic ileus and myasthenia gravis.

Special Warning


Acute Overdose


Interaction with other Medicine


Storage Condition


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