Algin IM/IV Injection

Brand Name: Algin
Generic: Tiemonium Methylsulphate
Weight: 5 mg/2 ml
Type: IM/IV Injection
Therapeutic Class: Anticholinergics
Manufacturer: Renata Limited
Price: 35.00
Last Updated: 2020-11-21 18:15:00

Algin IM/IV Injection Uses

Algin IM/IV Injection contains Tiemonium Methylsulphate. Algin uses:

Algin IM/IV Injection is an antispasmodic drug. It reduces muscle spasms of the intestine, biliary system, uterus & urinary bladder. It is indicated for the pain in gastrointestinal, biliary, urinary and gynecological disease such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dysentery, biliary colic, enterocolitis, cholecystytis, colonopathies, mild cystitis, & spasmodic dysmenorrhoea.

Algin IM/IV Injection Doses

Algin IM/IV Injection contains Tiemonium Methylsulphate 5 mg/2 ml. Algin doses:

Tablet: Recommended oral dose of Algin IM/IV Injection tablet is 2-6 tablets (100-300 mg) daily in divided dose.

Injection: Recommended injectable dose is 1 Algin IM/IV Injection Injection 3 times daily, through Intravenous route slowly or Intramuscular route.


  • Children: 3 mg to 6 mg/kg/day or 1.5 ml to 3 ml/kg/day in 3 divided doses.
  • Adult: 30 mg to 90 mg or 15 ml to 45 ml 3 times daily or as directed by physician.

Suppository: Recommended dose is 20 mg Algin IM/IV Injection suppository two or three times daily, through rectal route.


Side Effects

Side effect with the use of Algin IM/IV Injection is very rare.


Tiemonium are quaternary ammonium antimuscarinic agent with peripheral effect similar to those of atropine. Tiemonium strengthens calcium bonding with phospholipids and proteins thus stabilizing the cell membrane of the GI tract.

Algin Precaution

Precautions should be exercised for treatment of patients with disorders of prostate, chronic bronchitis, coronary insufficiency, ambient hyperthermia, cardiac disorders, thyroid disorders, serious renal & hepatic insufficiency.


Algin IM/IV Injection should not be used with other drugs without prior consult of a registered physician to avoid possible drug interaction.

Pregnancy Lactation use

Algin IM/IV Injection may be used in pregnancy only if it is clearly needed by the assessment of risk benefit ratio. Algin IM/IV Injection may be used in lactating mother only if it is clearly needed by the assessment of risk benefit ratio.


Algin IM/IV Injection should not be used in Glucoma or where acute pain of eyeball with vision disturbance was found. This drug should also not be used in patients with the disorder of prostate or urinary bladder.

Special Warning

Paediatric use: safety and effectiveness of Tiemonium methylsulphate in paediatric patients have not been established.

Geriatric use: Efficacy and safety were maintained with increasing age.

Acute Overdose

Occasional retention of urine may occur in case of overdoses.

Interaction with other Medicine


Storage Condition

Keep it in a cool and dry place, protected from light and moisture. Keep all medicines away from the reach of the children.

Algin IM/IV Injection price in Bangladesh 35.00