Whats resource have world's most powerful president Barack Obama

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

 Obama's US treasury notes and bonds in the form of T-bills have accumulated a total of about 7 million 0 million. 14 million, 40 million less than the previous year. There are also more than 5 million of its submission to the mutual fund. For his daughters college fund savings of nearly 40 lakh crore. The pension funds have accumulated nearly 7 million.

Jointly with his wife has a home in Chicago. This 6200 square foot home is worth about 13 million 0 million. The house he bought in 005. The home mortgage loans has almost 4 million.

His book is a great source of income. In his book The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father, he earned selling. Recently, his income decreased due to a decline in sales of the books.

Obama noted that last week the list of resources, he received several gifts. There is a Portuguese Water Dog, in which nearly half the money price. The late Senator Ted Kennedy this gift diyechena. He received the Nobel Peace Prize almost 11 009 0 lakh crore. He donated all of the money.

Our country, as a journalist or a powerful flat-six found in Dhaka. Although it may be rumors. But Barack Obama is not the rumors of the estimates.

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