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United States

The UK government, the United Kingdom Border Agency (iukebie) of foreign visa and immigration-related information are based on the official web site (www.ukba. Homeoffice. The site informative immigration, travel, education without a visa for skilled workers and professionals' Working Holiday Maker visa information can be found. Those who want to go for higher education in the UK Student bhisaya, they iukebie list of colleges and educational institutions will be able to view this site. Iukebiera official at the British Embassy and partner, VFS Global Web site ( can be found on the visa fee for citizens of Bangladesh, in the rejection of visa appeals advice, visa application and eligibility guidelines. Applicants will be able to learn about the status of their application process or the status of the site, track Eur application by clicking.

United States
The official site of the State Department of the United States government 'Visa for Foreign Citizens' What must we do to be part of the immigrant in America, H-oyanabi, study, work, travel and visa fees, the detailed information provided in the application to the appropriate guidelines. To learn more, please visit To facilitate the process of visa applicants have to learn the helm of the visa application 'status' of the web portal. DV applicants, without it being able to verify the information on their bhisapraptira.

The Government of Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Immigration and Naturalization Services is a company provider. Official web site ( visa applicants traveling through, temporary employment, education and immigration visas to come to know the details. check application status, click on the applicants can not be sure about the state of the application process. In addition, the candidates did not have qualifications visa application, which will be able to verify this site.

Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship visa-related information and services can be found on the web site of analainabhittika Workers sponsored by the Workers, Professional, includes information on work visas for professionals in a variety of skills maigrentasaha. Without it visits, migrant and student visa has all the information needed in three separate parts. The site 'Online Services' progress can be checked at the visa application and visa application. Professional, Working Holiday visa applications from skilled workers and qualified yacaisaha student visa holders can apply for work permits at the site. If you refuse a visa or visa-related cooperation with the authorized agents must be able to search them out.

New Zealand
Immigration-related advice, visa fees, visa process can be found in the direction of the New Zealand Government, the Department of Labour, the Immigration Affairs Web site Resident, Study, Working Holiday, visit visa and work permit in all the important information can be found on the site. In addition to the 'Skill migrant "and" Business and Investment' category can be found skilled workers, professionals and businessmen visa-related information. Visa Immigration Advisors Authority of the country to avoid complications that could take the advice of the official site ( from.

Malaysia's qualifications and the application documents required, Visa application regulations, the site has all the information necessary to apply the pharamasaha. But it will have to visit the Immigration Department of the Government of Malaysia on this site Site 'Foreigners' section full of information and guidance to foreign nationals visa-related. Short-term social visit pass, long-time social visit pass, Visa With Reference, Ease Student Pass and Malaysia my second home visa program eligibility and application information, rules and regulations can be found. Bhisaprakriya after pleading no stage, which will be the site of the 'Online Services' to. No. If you know the current state of the visa application process online Rujukan box to entry visa application reference number. The hiring of 008 Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia because of the ban on the 'Work bhisa-related information is available but the opportunity to apply online for a visa.

In neighboring Malaysia, Singapore, though small in size, due to the country's strong economic base that saving work permit visa. Many people are going to travel and student visa. Foreign travelers, students and staff will be helpful to get the detailed information regarding the visa, immigration and cekapayentasa Authority's official web site ( The site is part of the e-Services' electronic appointment booking system (e-appointment), re-entry permit visa, visit visa and entry visa applications and to validate the visa can be issued. The validity of the visa and the visa application process online to get the latest status, click on the link link.

United Arab Emirates
Middle East countries, the UAE Ministry of Labour, visa information and application process for foreign travelers include links to their official web site subidhasambalita verification ( There is also an opportunity to check the validity of the visa. Web link to the passport number, date of birth, nationality, right or wrong, it can be used to enter data karalei visa.
Sultanate of Oman Royal Police to stop immigration and visa information is available on the official website. Online visa application and necessary information visit saitatite 'Visa Status Enquiry' Click this link to find out

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