how to get red pink lips

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 



Soft pink lips, easy way of getting in 11 ...

1. Sprinkle a little sugar on a thin piece of lemon rub on the lips every day. Sugar and lemon to clean skins lip die as a result of the sun's going to be black lip helps glowy skin.

II. Sugar and olive oil mixed with a few drops of honey to rub on the lips for 10 minutes.

3. Lyaktika lips to highlight the very beneficial acids. Regular milk drinking milk with a little cotton mouth and smudge. Dry milk through the skin to the lip to prevent being black.

4. Rose petals pink lip coloring helps to bring. The rose petals, leaving the honey and glycerin mixed in milk. Emollient lip butter for 15 minutes. Take off the lips with milk. Using these coatings will make your lips attractive every day.

5. Acid helps to highlight the inner lip of the lemon dry skin. However, with a bit of lemon juice mixed with sugar and honey at home to take care of lips. Wash plate Maakah hour later.

6. Lip butter mixed with lemon juice, a little glycerin. Kayekadinei you will receive fantastic results.

7. Almond oil, honey and sugar to blend. Pack your lips will not only beautiful, tenderness increase.

8. Smudge spinach leaves your lips before going to bed. You can keep up with japharanao. Regular use of these readily available ingredients should be out of your dry lips instantly.

9. Save biciguloke of oranges during the meal and by regularly clean their beaks.

10. Lip butter paste tomatoes every day. Will highlight your lips.

11. Cucumbers wine haoyake black lip prevention. Cucumber juice and rub on the lips for at least 5 minutes every day to get the results.

1. Smoking is harmful to the lip. Therefore, refrain from smoking.
II. T forget to pick up the lipstick before going to bed.
3. To continue with the tongue, lips stop wetting. The temporary loss of comfort to match the beauty of the lip. Lipajela instead use.
4. Increase the amount of fast food instead of eating plants.
5. Increase the amount of tea and coffee instead of drinking water. Plenty of water to keep your lips healthy and natural grace.

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