More white teeth within two minute by the banana peel

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 

Caller khosaya plenty of mineral elements. Especially potassium, magnesium and manganese. These are the main tool to raise the white teeth. There are also plenty of calcium and vitamin D khosaya the caller, who is making teeth stronger and help absorb the mineral components. Indeed, your teeth will be white banana peel, but can be used in the proper manner. And must comply with the rules. Find out the details of the procedure.

- Choose the right design in the first place. The right way to whiten teeth is ripe bananas. Not too ripe, too raw. Choose a banana is now at the bottom of the little green. Because this is such a good source of high levels of potassium. And the responsibility for this patasiyamai white teeth.
- Take bananas were upside down. Yes, as you've been in the arts were just the opposite direction. You will see the caller on the long fiber like cotton. There were upside down on the cobs with the fiber.
- Cut two pieces of cod in the square. Take advantage of the tailored cut your form. If you want to cut the peel can store refrigerated.
- To brush your teeth in the morning before the inner part of the banana peel and rub your teeth with the very best. Rub the whole piece of the first one minute. Then, instead of one minute with the second piece. That is the rub teeth for two minutes. Gnashing of teeth in such a way that they will be met.
- If you wait to rub the teeth. Boil for 15 to 0 minutes. Do not drink the water or something else, or do the porter. Time passed, the regular use tooth paste to brush the teeth.
I look at the mirror, do not you feel a little more clean teeth? After 4-5 days you will see that your teeth have become more brilliant than ever. Such as yellow coloring has been reduced, as has turned black chopatao much. Those who smoke or drink alcohol, they will act in this way. However, you have to use quite a long time. And in compliance with the Niemann.

Of course, keep in mind that-

- It is no magic. So you have to use the rules to get good results.

- Must be at least two minutes of grinding. In this time of emergency. Better than rubbing.

- Ghasara during the course of the mineral to be absorbed in the teeth.

- Teeth are drinking, smoking or take a little time for them to yellow due to illness.

- Caller khosaya is plenty of sugar. So, of course, will have to brush your teeth very well. And therefore can not be used more than 1 day.

- Whose teeth are too yellow, they use once a week.

Many say that does not work, fake etc. But the gist of the thing is not to try and say that they, or the right way, but did not try. Of course, the rules have to apply to get the result. So, instead of listening to other people do not see it myself!

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