how to repair damage memory card?

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Download and install a data recovery program. Photo Rec is a powerful, free option for most operating systems, but lacks a graphical user interface, which can be intimidating for less advanced users. Find the data recovery program you are most comfortable with in terms of price and features.

nsert the memory card into your computer’s memory card reader. Use a USB card reader or connect your device to your computer via USB.

Run your data recovery program. Follow the procedure to recover files for your data recovery program and recover what you can from your damaged memory card.

Open the Start menu and click Computer. Type Computer into the search box if you cannot find it.

  • In Windows 8, Computer is called This PC, and can be found by searching for Computer from the Start screen.

Find your memory card. Your memory card will be listed under Devices with Removable Storage (Devices and drives in Windows 8). It should be named something like “Removable Disk (M:)”. Make note of the drive letter, as it will be needed later.

  • If you cannot tell which disk is your memory card, remove your card with this window open and note the drive that disappears. Remember to reinsert you card before continuing.

Open Command Prompt. From your desktop, press  Win+R to open the Run dialog. Enter cmd and click OK.

Run Check Disk fix and recover. On Command Prompt, type chkdsk m: /r, where m: is the drive letter of your memory card, then press ↵ Enter to begin.

  • Depending on the errors found during this process, Check Disk may ask for your input in regards to what action it can take. When this occurs, answer “Yes” and press enter to continue.

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