What is Demand Side Platforms (DSP)?

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answered Oct 14, 2014 by durjo (4,210 points)

DMP stands for Data Management Platform. Imagine that instead of a cookie from an advertising network, the code of a DMP from the shop who’s site you visited was put in your browser. And all other sites you’ve visited also used that DMP code. All the information would accumulate, rather than remain specific to one cookie.

For example:

  • Say you visited a sports website and looked at bicycle accessories.
  • Then you visited a shoe website and searched for women’s shoes, size 35.
  • Finally, you read an article on a forum for young mothers.

This entire sequence of selections is collected by a DMP, classified by demographics and analyzed to identify your likely personality type. DMPs could deduce the person looking at bicycles, shoes and mother articles is:

  • Female
  • Interested in sports
  • Foot size 34—36
  • Age 25—35

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