how does coffee make ?

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To brew 16 ounces of coffee (two big cups), use
 5 tablespoons (or 28 grams) of coffee and 16 ounces
 of water.
How to make ----
1. As your kettle heats, place a dripper lined with a paper filter on a mug or a carafe. Rinse the filter with hot water to get rid of paper dust and to preheat the cone.

2. Place ground coffee in the dampened filter.

3. After the water boils, wait 10 seconds for it to settle. Slowly pour just enough hot water (in a circular motion) to saturate all the grounds.

4. Pause 30 seconds to let the coffee “bloom.” It will bubble and soften.

5. Pour again, raising the water level to an inch above the grounds. Wait a few moments until
the water trickles through the dripper. Repeat this process of “pulse pouring,” which helps prevent overflow, until you have your desired amount of brewed coffee

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