Give me some information about ctg govt. College.

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Chittagong government college is the second college which established in Bangladesh after established Dhaka college. Chittagong government college is one of the famous college in Bangladesh.

At first Chittagong government college established an intermediate college in 1869. Science education systems was started in intermediate from the 1909. The college become started a graduation college in 1910 after university of Calcutta had recognized it as a first class degree college. From that time it started Honors degree on eight subjects. And after few years many others subject was included of this college. Sher -e- Bangle dormitory was the first dormitory of Chittagong college. The students of Chittagong college they were started in Bengali education systems in1962.

J C Bose was the first principal of Chittagong government college.

The best scholars of Chittagong government college were, Beni Madhad Das, Janardan, Bhabatosh Dotta, Subodh Sengupta, Mansur Uddin, Motahar Hossain Chowdhuri, Dr, Enamul Haque Chowdhury. Momtazuddin Ahmed, Surendranath Dasgupta and many others famous person.

There are two Faculties is present now in Chittagong college these are, Faculty of Arts and Social science , Faculty of Science.

The Arts and Social science Faculty includes eleven different subjects.

The Science Faculty includes nine different subjects.

The area of Chittagong government college is 6 acres.

Academic facilities: There are some academic facilities is present in Chittagong government college like, Botanical garden, Zoological Museum, Library, Four students dormitories, College ground, Mosque, Students common room, Gymnasium, Post office, Medical center. And others also.

Co- curricular activities: Co- curricular activities like, B N C C, C D S, Math club, Rover scout and others also present in Chittagong government college.

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