recently i got samsung galaxy s3 s a gift from korea but suffering from frequent auto call disconnect problem. any solutions?

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asked Aug 3, 2016 in Electronics by drmasud71 (51 points)

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answered Oct 14, 2016 by nuruzzaman murad (138 points)
I would like to know what Telstra is planning to do with all their customers with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phones that are experiencing spontaneous dropping of calls. In my situation, I have come to a conclusion that a replacement handset is needed. My situation : 1. My phone was bought outright from a Telstra Shop in June this year. 2. Experiencing spontaneous call drops. 3. Brought in my phone to the Telstra shop. 4. Was told that I had to send in my phone for Telstra's technicians to diagnose. 5. After getting back the phone, the report said No Fault Found. Imagine my disbelief. Even the Telstra shop employee witness the spontaneous call drops for himself and agreed that the phone was dropping calls spontaneously. I made calls to landline numbers so that it can't be blamed on the other party's mobile phone or network. 6. I have used the factory data reset option on the phone and still does not help. 7. Also had a new SIM card provided to me by the Telstra shop. I knew technically it will not matter but agreed since the Telstra shop employee wanted to try it. Call drop problem still happening. 8. Spoke to Samsung support and explained the situation. All they could suggest is that I try : a) Doing a factory reset ( Already done) b) Enter the following code in the phone keypad to format the phone to be the same as it was as if it was just purchased brand new out of the box. The code : *2767*3855# Even after that still having the call drop problem. c) Send in my phone for repair. Samsung support agreed to pick up my phone for them to diagnose. I currently put that on hold. Waiting for the Jelly bean update. If after the Jelly Bean update, I am still experiencing the call drop problem, I will call Samsung support again to initiate the pick up of the phone. 9. The Telstra shop employee told me he sympathises with me but as per the company policy, I will have to have sent in my phone for another 3 or 4 more times before Telstra will consider a replacement. 10. In my opinion, I believe to solve the call drop problem I am experiencing with my S3 is to get a new one. Just wanting to know how many other Telstra Galaxy S3 customers are having this problem. By the way, I have discovered a workaround to stop the call drop problem : Workaround : Disable Mobile Data. This is very annoying having to enable and disable mobile data. Can some one from Telstra or the moderator provide a response. This is not an isolated problem. Just do a Google search for Samsung Galaxy S3 call drop problem and you will see many reports of this issue. It make me wonder when I hear the Telstra Shop employee mention that the reason why handsets come out later with Telstra is that Telstra does thorough testing of the handsets before releasing them. The evidence proves otherwise. Thank you for those who bothered to read this.