I upload a picture on Google... Now how can i get this by Internet search.

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read this steps 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 How to Search by Image on Google With Google's Search by Image tool, you no longer need to begin the image search with a word or a phrase. You can now begin with an actual image that you see on the web, or that you have on your computer, to search for similar images or to find out more information about that specific image. Method One of Two: Using the Google Images Website Open the Google Images website. Visit images.google.com in your computer's web browser. You cannot "Search by Image" using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier. You must be using Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or newer, or Safari.[1] You can search by image from a mobile device if you are using the mobile version of Google Chrome. Press and hold an image on a website and select "Search Google for this image" from the menu that appears. Click the Camera icon on the right side of the search box. This will open the Search by Image tool. Select how you want to add an image. There are three ways you can search by an image: Paste image URL - You can paste any copied URL (address) for an image online. To get an image's URL from any website, right- click on the image and select "Copy image address" or "Copy image URL". Once the URL is copied, click the field in the Search by Image tool and press Ctrl + V (Windows) or ⌘ Cmd + V (Mac) to paste the URL. Upload an image - Click the Choose file button and browse for the image on your computer. Once you select an image, it will be uploaded to Google Search, which may take a few moments. Drag and drop an image - If you have a folder open with the image you want to search for, you can simply drag and drop it into the Search by Image tool to upload it.