how can i improve in chemistry?

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asked Jul 5, 2016 in Science by kmshamim (51 points)
i m little weak in chemistry... How can i improve my knowlege about chemistry?

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answered Aug 3, 2016 by Poet Rubel Ahammed (75 points)
You have to know ABC knowledge,basic knowledge,study more,to understandin about chemistry and need to help your chemistry teacher as well as you ought to obey the rules of your teacher.There are many proverbs that where there is a will,there is way.failure is the piller of success.the more you reads,the more you learns.

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answered Aug 3, 2016 by nuruzzaman murad (138 points)
11th class chem. is very important. if u r not good in learning equations etc., like s-block(in 11th course). then atleast make sure that you dont miss any of the concepts. get a tution, if you need. But dont underestimate chemistry its very easy if you understand it once.

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