How can i black my hair/ what food eat and grow my hair ?

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This question is same as an older one, so I'm linking to that -

"Honey is a natural ingredient that enhances the brightness of the skin, keeps the skin soft, Wrinkles and dark spirits away. Honey can destroy the acne bacteria are quite effective. If you want to get the sweet light skin rarely there is no alternative.

With just pamcadinei honey, how about some of the advice has been to increase the brightness of the skin boldaskai Lifestyle section of the website.

Honey and lemon juice

One teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with 0 minute face massage. Then, 0 minute. Rinse with warm water. You see, your skin will become bright one instantly.

Honey and cheese

One tablespoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon of cheese and apply to face. 0 minute. Then rinse with warm water. It is very effective for oily skin. In addition, you can use this pack to remove the skin of acne.

Honey and papaya

Two pieces of papaya catake two teaspoon of honey mixed with the dense pack. This pack lightly massage it on the face. After 15 minutes, rinse your mouth well. This is more beneficial for dry skin. In addition, you can use this pack to remove the impression of age.

Sweet skraba

One tablespoon of honey mixed with a teaspoon of sugar in a 10-minute massage. Wash the face and apply moisturizer. It removes dead skin cells and brighten the skin.

Honey and milk cream

One teaspoon of milk cream with one tablespoon of honey mixed together in a 15-minute massage. Then wash the face with warm water. This is in addition to the skin, bright skin Balirekha.

Honey and banana pack

Catake little banana with a tablespoon of honey to create a pack. 0 minute massage. Then wash the face with warm water. Nigrescent skin away.

Honey, rose water and turmeric powder

Before sitt one teaspoon of honey, a few drops of rose water and apply a little turmeric powder mixed together. After 15 minutes, wash the face. This skin will be bright one instantly." 

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