What is the more beautifull life ?

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asked Apr 8, 2016 in Family & Parenting by nuruzzaman murad (138 points)
Marrid life or single life ?

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answered Jan 8 by Shadim (137 points)
Well,nice question.

There are two particular groups concerning your question.

One group believes that SINGLE LIFE is the best.They tell the logic behind their concern is,"We feel more comfortable cz there is freedom in our life being single.We get no tension,no order,no mental tortures and no stress.Being single We can enjoy the life personaly and become the king of our personal life"

Another group believes that MARRIED LIFE is the best.They tell the logic behind their urge is,"When we get married then we can have a partner whom we can share everything.Works are done mutually.There are lots of abundance in single life like loneliness,iresponsibility,selfishness etc.But once we get married this problems gradually vanished.Another things we all know that human being can't live without a partner.And best of the partner is someone's wife.Remember one thing even Adam(AS) wasn't happy in paradise without Eve(AS)"

Peace be upon you

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