What islam says about meditatation.? i want to know specifically about quantum foundation.. please reply with shariah referrence.

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I am in a doubt about meditational activities like quantum foundation. Some says it doesn't violate with islami shariah. but I have noticed they are violating major commandments of Alla. I.e. free mixing of boys and girl there, following non islamic traditions, some activities may lead to sirk n bedat. my soul is thirsty.  please tame me with true referrence

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In this era, meditation has become more popular than anytime else. Though it is not recent invention but it was not as popular as now it is. However in different religion it has different concepts and naming. For example in Islam, the word "MURAQABA" is similar to meditation but there is a little bit difference in belief. "The Time" magazine mentioned in "The science of meditation" front of august copy of 2003 that only in U.S.A almost 10 million people used to meditate regularly.

In Bangladesh, nowadays a method of meditation has become very popular amongst huge number of people including old and youth,educated or illiterate. This method is named as Quantam method established by an asrologer named Guruji Shahid Al Bukhari Mohajatok

So, Is there any contradiction of this method with Islam????

Well, the answer is, "YES"

Seriously? Then where is the references. Here we go:

Point no 1

If you are eager to complete quantum method courses firstly, you have to read a statement that is, "My mind is the most powerful being, anything I want will be gained, Anything I desire will be taken by my mind" This is telling us that all the sources of power is from your mind. But Islam says that all the sources of power is from Allah(swt). The determination of the beyond power of mind from Quantum method is clearly violated islamic belief. References: Surah an nisa verse no:126, surah at-takweer verse no:29,Surah An-Najm verse no:24-25

Point no 2

In quantum method, it is believed that, a man is the creator of his own fate which is a clear violence against the belief of fate/takdeer in Isalm.(Ref:Surah Su'ara verse no. 80-81,Surah Rome verse no. 37 and Surah Yunus verse no.49)

Point no 3

Quantum theory believes that All the religion are accepted(Ref:Quantum Ucchas:page no 09), which is against the belief of Islam. Because Islam says that only Islam will be granted and is selected by our Creator. And no other religion will be accepted except Islam.(See:Surah Ale-Imran verse no. 19 and 85)

Point no 4

Because Quantum method is the combination of all religion they takes some concepts from one religion and another from others. For example, it is mentioned in the page number 15 of Quantum konika that "You are the cosmic travelar of this universe and you have no birth and death" which is related to the belief of Buddism. Buddist believe that there is no beginning and ending of humans. In the same book page no. 21, they mentioned that "The creation of planets and stars is done by nature".These are the clear violation of Islamic belief.(See:Surah Rome verse no.40,Surah Al Furqan verse no. 61)

Point no 5

The founder of Quantum method Shahid al Bukhari is an alstrologer and he who believe in what astrologers say is not Mumin or believer of Islam approved by authentic hadith of prophet Muhammad(Pbuh).

So, after all of the avobe mentioned reasons it is clear that the Quantum method of meditation is undoubtedly haram or prohibited in Islam.

For more about Quantum method:Quantum method and Islam

May Allah help you finding the truth.Ameen

Peace be upon you

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