Best Android Apps To Find Lost Phone

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t present, the technology has become an integral part of life lovers a variety of smart devices. Widespread demand for smartphones. Increasing the use of such as increasing thefts.

This means that the smartphone is stolen it is not just the loss of money, a lot of things. The alarm devices are typically valuable data gets into the hands of others, to use the phone, you may suffer no evil.

So to avoid such unwanted situation and numerous apps for Android phones is safety. Some of the apps in the report.

Wheres My Droid: the loss of the phone app will find it is very popular. The location of the phone, the phone's data securely to the various facilities. Free, Lite and Pro versions is the name of three different apps. Stolen phone's features can be controlled via SMS. The commander is an option. The commander of the app is active on the website of the phone's location can be determined. The app can be downloaded from the link

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus: This app for Android phones to security. At the same time anti-virus and malware scans. The Stealth Mode App Disguiser and the two have a special advantage. This app allows the user to hide. If the phone is stolen, it is quite complicated procedure to uninstall the app. After losing almost impossible to uninstall the app to the phone when you start the search. The app itself can restore the system and the phone's USB port can be closed. The app can be downloaded from the link

PlanB: security app on the phone who did not use before, after stealing the phone, they can find with apps. After the loss of the Plan B app on Google Play, click Install. The app will be automatically installed on your stolen phone, and will automatically turn on GPS. After the phone to place an e-mail with a link to Google Maps via the phone's location will be announced. The app can be downloaded from the link

Lookout Security & Antivirus: This is the security and backup app for Android phones. It has the advantage of antivirus. In addition, the phone name, address, phone number and take advantage of data backup can be found in the app. And the phone is lost or stolen phone via SMS, or to mark the location has the advantage of being locked. The app can be downloaded from the link

Android Device Manager: This app is unique in order to identify the location of a lost phone. If this app is installed on the phone, place the phone on another device will be known very soon. In addition, the phone is locked, has the advantage of deleted data. The app can be downloaded from the link