Which Countries has three Capitals ?

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Answering this strange question the arrangement they have going in South Africa is to be more than a bit unusual. The distribution of branches across the geographic space was an holdover from political struggles during the early 20th century. In order to put a halt to serious contention over where the capital city would be located after the various colonies and regions were combined into a larger state, to form the modern Union of South Africa; the predecessor determined that each major region would have its own capital city and that the responsibilities of the government would be split among them.

Till date South Africa has no legally defined single capital city per the constitution, but instead divides the three branches of the government among different capital cities. 

i) The South African Parliament resides in Cape Town (the Legislative Capital)

ii) The Supreme Court resides in Bloemfontein (the Judicial Capital) and

iii) The president lives in Pretoria (the Administrative Capital).

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