Can any one give me an advice for parttime job??????

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asked Feb 7, 2016 in Jobs by jahid.bc (51 points)
I am a student of BBA honour `s 1st year ( Accounting department). I need a part time job . So, can any one help me???

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answered Mar 14, 2016 by nuruzzaman murad (138 points)
If you're interested in pursuing part- time work, here are some tips for finding those elusive oppportunities: 1) Think small: For years, I've maintained that one of the best ways to find a flexible job is to target small employers. A 2005 National Study of Employers conducted by the Families and Work Institute confirmed my opinion. The study revealed that small businesses (defined as organizations with 50 to 99 employees) offer employees more opportunities for workplace flexibility, while large employers provide more benefits that have direct costs. In fact, the study concluded that small employers are significantly more likely to offer flexibility to all or most employees than employers of other sizes. 2) Focus on start-ups and solopreneurs: Start-up and one-person businesses are often desperate for help, but they can’t afford to pay full-time salaries. As a result, they can be a good option for people interested in working on an part-time basis (and as a bonus, you might be able to work from home while enjoying a part-time schedule since most start-ups lack sufficient office space). 3) Expand your search beyond corporate — to cultural, religious and community-based institutions: For-profit companies are often reluctant to hire part-time personnel so you should expand your part-time search to include institutions outside the corporate mold. Museums, theaters, arts-agencies, churches, temples, and libraries all tend to rely heavily on part- time staff. 4) Explore government jobs: Hard as it may be to believe, the federal government actually has some of the most progressive employment policies around; job-sharing, telecommuting, and part-time schedules are all available to government employees. Of course, you don't neccesarily have to relocate to Washington, D.C., to take advantage of these jobs since there are federal jobs in all fifty states. If you aren’t located near a federal office, consider applying for a position with your state or local town government office.

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