The husband and wife are the same blood group is it really a problem?

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The husband-wife's blood group should be discussed first before we need to know something about the blood group. Blood group is mainly divided into two parts. One of the ABO system (A, B, AB & O), one of the Rh factor {Rh positive (+ ve) & Rh negative (-ve)}. Blood group is Rh factor will be positive not negative.
Blood groups are: A + ve, A-ve, B + ve, B-ve, AB + ve, AB-ve O + ve, O-ve. Let us know if it was somebody else's blood group then?
Remind Why Test?
When an Rh negative blood group a person is Rh positive group was the first to not be a problem. But the patient's body to produce antibodies. As a result, the patient was again positive blood if the body can not break down into the blood cell, and there will be a serious problem. Such as fever, kidney failure, sudden death, and so on. The medical term for this problem is called the ABO.
So the question is, what kind of husband-wife's blood group should be? If the wife is the husband's blood was negative blood group will be positive or negative, if any. But if the husband's blood group is positive, then the wife would be the one positive blood group. No woman should not be negative blood group. That is only a negative blood group A negative blood group women to marry men safe.
When matching blood groups are not an issue. However, a different blood group is positive if the husband and wife is negative, then the child at birth 'lethal genes' or' life-threatening gene, a gene which is to prevent the creation of jaigota or kill jaigota. He was born dead.
Generally, the baby's blood group is positive, then the husband's blood will be positive. Mom will contain a negative blood Fetus (fetus), then the child is usually not a problem. But the group Fetus blood during delivery, placental barrier and placental displacement through the body of the mother's time will come. Blood will enter the body of the mother during delivery, the delivery will be made within a few months Rh antibodies in the mother's body.

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Yes, Its matter of Wh factor ,Its better to avoid same blood men and women bonding .Its may effect their child in long run