dandruff solution

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

Turmeric powder, cooking sbadake increased several times. It is beneficial for the skin. However, experts believe, to remove hair, dandruff, to prevent hair fall, hair color new hair to grow, and many of turmeric powder. They suggested that the use of this material natural hair of any problems.

How to use turmeric powder hair, he has advised a number of lifestyle-related sections of the Indian website boldaskai's lifestyle.

Ayantibyakatoriyala plenty of yellow, antioxidant and anti-inaphlametori ingredients, the skin of the head, which is quite effective in eliminating dandruff. Crown of the head is slightly yellow powder soaked in water before shampoo massage. Now remove the shampoo. Scalp and blood circulation will help keep it clean.

Turmeric powder mixed with milk to make a thick mixture. If your hair is extra dry, it can be mixed with a little honey. Pack lightly massage the scalp. Now remove the shampoo. To use this pack at least twice a week. It reduces hair fall and helps to grow new hair.

If you want to color the hair naturally, turmeric powder mixed with the hair pack. Four tablespoons with two tablespoons turmeric and henna hair, apply two tablespoons of sour yogurt mixed together. Wait four to five hours. Then wash your hair with cold water to remove the shampoo. Then use a good conditioner.

Studies have shown that turmeric powder crown of the head to prevent infection is quite different. Turmeric mixed with water to create a thick mixture. Lightly massage the scalp. Then wash the hair with cold water. The infection of the skin of the head, the problem will go away.