7 scientific way to reduce Anxiety

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে


People's daily life, family, work or other, there is a lot of concern internally. This concern for the people in charge do not want to leave it behind.

Anxiety ruin your peace of mind, your health is damaged. As a result of continuous anxiety and sleep is a waste of human appetite, social relationships are bad, decreases the speed of the work.

As a result, lead to serious mental and physical problems, such as depression, digestive problems, reduced resistance to disease, heart problems, high blood pressure and even suicides.

So if you want to stay physically and mentally healthy, there is no alternative to the disquiet away. According to the scientific method is effective in keeping away some disquiet.

1. Make a list
You may think that you are suffering from numerous problems. Make a list of the causes of anxiety. After a couple of reasons why you will not find a little bit.

Some of the issues that will be more or less everyone. You will realize that you actually do not have too much to worry about. It is to reduce your anxiety and give you peace of mind.

II. Get out
Going around the outside of the house is a very effective way to reduce anxiety. And it works best when you place full of trees. Studies pine, cedar and some trees okasaha 'phaitanasaida called a component that reduces the blood pressure and relieves stress.

3. Eat Healthy
Nevertheless, most of those who have not seen them suffer or are not eating properly eat or not eat a healthy diet. This raises concerns about the health of the people said.

Reduce anxiety better to stay away from the coffee. Hormone levels can increase your ayadrenalina coffee makes you restless.

4. To specify the time for thoughts
Sometimes a lot of things to worry about before we started. It is in fact no avail. So when you need to think about when to start it from. Until now try to forget about it.

5. Meditation
In order to calm the mind, relieves stress Meditation is a very effective exercise. A study by Carnegie Mellon University found a 5-minute meditation, drawn 3 days of frustration and anxiety and it also helps to eliminate anekakhanii.

6. Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy to keep away from the head of disquiet. Your brain and hands are busy doing something, such as a game or create handicrafts.

7. Exercise
To eliminate any physical or mental problems that make exercise a very good way. Seretoninera body exercise, which increases the level of anxiety and stress reducing.

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