In London, the ground was an angel from heaven

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Earth-like planets have been found living in an area of the Earth from NASA dbiguna after the announcement of caura another news spread through social yaegayoga, an angel from the sky, the ground was noon in London.

I have seen a falling angel on the streets of old London and around the piece of apple was found. There are two angel wings. Two feather fan, but much too low. Then the angel seemed to budge, he is sleeping or lying dead on the street at giyechenadupura after this angel came after the black uniformed police surrounded the place with nets.

Meanwhile, social media, social networking madhyamagulaete angel from the sky, crashing to the ground becomes inflamed. Is this really the way to the destruction of the earth? Parike come down from heaven, this is what God sent the welfare of mankind? What he did was hit by the devil? Or sudden death due to old age, to eat the apple, she fell to the ground? Or is this just a photoshopped picture of celebrity? This is when many speculated that the mystery of the old fairy.

Beijing artist San iyuyana (San Yuan) and pengu Yu (Pengu Yu) China two bodies of people who are very controversial artist, tissue, cadaver, dead animals collected from the various elements of the criticism for the practice of their art. This is a work of art in their new 'Angel' (Angel) '. Which they claim as their greatest creation. Sculpture of a statue or two artists have created a very real supernatural, ordinary people can easily frighten.

This form of silica gel, made with fiberglass and stainless steel. This statue is part of the creation of a body of a rodent or (Macabre parts) was not used.

The statue's original purpose was to transform the weird things about earthly highlight.

'Angel' is the angel sent by God, which had lost all its power. That is not to carry out God's will and those who can not help them to believe in God's creation!

San iyuyana and pengu Yu's ideas were, their proportion to total at this angel is a supernatural divine creation of man, the question is why wake of the mundane or the like to see? The question to ask it to find out from people's minds was the main goal of this statue.

But the mistakes of their ideas, most people 'enjela looks at the world became more and more sure that this is the body of the angel of God, really. And see what the people like.

Like human hair, like the body, the face looks just like a human balirekhagulo! Due to the fan, but a little strange to see the true image of the angel come down from heaven began to think of others. The omission of faith before all the mystery is this old fairy.

Good to know that, according to the Bible, cerubima (Cherubim) and seraphima (Seraphim) have wings of the angel of the two types. Hebrews 1:14 is the angel of the spiritual and the fan, who claims to be the followers of the faith.