Not sleep at night? Know what to do

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Not sleep at night. Many people suffer from this problem. What comes to mind when thinking of bed, tired of not even want to go to sleep. Tossing and turning more and more to become tired. As a result, the appearance impression. Know what to do inasamaniyaya bhugale.

1. You can sleep as much emphasis on the importance of your work days, according to the importance of sleep a day. As important as the end of the day, every day, six to seven hours sleep is very important. So prioritize sleep. We always need to sleep a lot of the pressure of neglect. Additional stress causes sleep disturbances.

II. After the afternoon coffee is not excessive Cafe disrupts sleep. So if you suffer from insomnia, however, excluded from the life of the coffee. It can go up to sleep or coffee with breakfast. Forget the coffee, but the afternoon.

3. With regular exercise, good sleep is not at the gym. However, home exercise, go to the gym or go swimming Why not cut it in the morning. Increase the quality of work throughout the day, at night to sleep well. But not at the gym from morning to afternoon, lazily spent. Do not ever go to the gym or a tired body. The body will go further. Fan, metabalijamerao loss. Which affect sleep.


4. See relax back home after finishing work in the office back home. If you come back too late to eat, there is no choice but to fall asleep. Take a rest for a while. Karan warm water bath. Hot tea. It will reduce fatigue. Will sleep well at night. Do not lie down after returning home. However, the means to relax, but not simply watching TV or Facebook.

5. Prolyaktina seksa Sex hormones are dripping. It is hala kadala hormones. If only more of this hormone during sleep. So who gets to sleep after sex. Regular sex is so good sleep aids.

6. The phone is not in bed, phone, laptop, iPad, do not go to bed to bed. Many people began to call bhugale khutakhuta of insomnia. It would be better to think of sleep. It's exactly the opposite. The sleep is even more spoiled.

7. Meditation or meditation, it is difficult to hear, though effective treatment of insomnia. Meditation, however, is not that tough. Stay in bed, deep in the stands. Gradually the whole body to relax. Focus on breathing movement. Head light. Sleep will come.

8. Sugandhi sleep in aromatherapy oil. Toilet tissue, organic essential oil and a few drops of rose oil or 10 to 15 times a dip in the stands. This will also come up.

9. Simple yoga-light yoga brain sends alerts to sleep. Bend forward, Corps pose, happy baby pose helps sleep.

10. Read the book before the book paruna sleep. However, do not wear very pleasant or very unpleasant book.