Barack Obama 'Kalima' in the ring!

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Conservative Christians in the US media, "dablioenadi dot com" with US President Barack Obama once again resorting to propaganda. And new media report, Obama last 30 years he has been in the hands of the Muslim faith after the ring associated with the 'Word' has carved design!

Obama before it was all kinds of propaganda on this website. 008 Obama in the US elections "is not a US citizen, had called the media. 009 in Cairo, Egypt, for the remarks that he made comments dablioenadi musalimabhabapanna.

According to media reports, the United Kingdom, founded in 1997, is the founder and editor of the conservative media dablioenadi Dot Kom Joseph Farah himself a conservative Christian. His wife, Elizabeth Farah conservative Protestant Christian organization, a leader ebhanajelikyala krisciyanera.

Barack Obama now they try to antike of him as a Muslim. US President Barack Obama, who attended Harvard University's Department of Law. He has a ring on his hand after going to his studies.

In 199 he married while still in his hand, his wife Michelle Obama were adorned with such a ring. The media claims that, after 30 years come this ring design Obama written in Arabic. With an Arabic linguist, said in an interview, his antite carve this design 'word martyrdom ". Meaning, "There is no god except Allah, no."

According to them, this concept is the recognition of the faith of the Muslims. This is the first time in 5 basic topics of Islam. Of Allah alone and Muhammad (s.), Who is recognized for his prophet. To be a Muslim to recognize the compulsory sahadate words.

The news of the problem, look at the picture of Egypt's Arabic language expert, Dr. Obama ring. Mark A. Gabriel, who called it the word of martyrdom. He said the Kalimah first. That was it, "There is no god except Allah, no."

According to reports, Obama 1981, 1983 and 1988 have seen quite a few shots of Obama wearing this ring. Full-time study at Harvard University from 1988 to 1991 across the ring in his hand. Such a design has a rare Arabic kyaligraphite. The Koran is more than a message-bearing design of the Arabic language in Egypt, said Gabriel.