Half of the world's wealth in the hands of 62 people

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There are many resources around the world. There is more to the wealth of the rich from the poor. One study found that half of the world's richest assets 6.

The number of poor people in the world 350 million. The total assets of these people have assets equal to only 6 people rich. On the other hand is holding the rest of the top 1 percent of the richest 99 percent of the wealth.

International agency Oxfam International's work in reducing poverty is highlighted in a recent report on these data. Swiss global financial services company Credit Suisse and US magazine Forbes placed the company on the basis of this calculation.

According to a BBC report on Monday that world leaders meeting this week in Switzerland dabhose urged to take effective steps to reduce global economic imbalances Oxfam.

Oxfam in a report last year that the information comes up. It is called the wealth of the world is divided into two halves of the sediments have assets equal to only 80 people rich. In this case, the millionaire numbers was 85 014 and 388 010 were in.

Oxfam senior researcher Nick gyalaso the Wall Street Journal said that the economic inequality in the world has been created. This trend has led to deteriorating. Bisayageulora have time to look at the need to be considered.

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