How is the death penalty or executed?

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

The defendant believes the death penalty is no divine force that would protect him. Even the hand-tied, tied the rope around his neck from one world to another in the middle of the wall, while a single handkerchief; Then she asked, standing silently in this thought came in to protect him.

The execution is the

Munir caused quite a stir at the time of the execution. He was a man of wide interests in the execution of Ershad Sikder.

Whether a defendant whose death, however, his last wish was to celebrate. He died trying to get comfortable as possible.

Scientists are working in order to make the death penalty. This is a continuation of the electric chair, has been injected in the death penalty. However, whatever the system abiskarai, mrtyuto death.

At the end of all legal formalities are brought to criminal kanadema cell death penalty. There is only the execution asamirai. Red cap on his head. Like a waiting room. The days are kept. It is possible to use its good. Rope is brought from abroad. Generally, the rope was brought in from Germany. He was treated several times by the Sabri bananas and butter. Hanger is selected from among the prisoners. For each execution of the prison sentence reduced by two months. Practice times with sandbag weights equal defendant is sentenced to death a few days ago.

Kanadema cell is made to meet with the defendant's relatives. However, it will be executed when the accused and their relatives are not allowed to see anyone.

Generally, from 10 pm to 10 am at the imam of the mosque in the prison cell of the jail superintendent kanadema. I realized that a few days of his life last night today. Repent of around 11 came to an end teaching job.

1 pm to 5 minutes before the restraint was put on a hat and a rope around his neck. The superintendent of the napkins are standing next to the stage. Are standing with the other guests. Then the executioner handkerchief to his eyes. From that moment, the rumalai epara furious to send a man to play the role.

The defendant's face in the dark. His teeth are khite. Galatake tried to fill out the pain a little less. But the body could not be bharaki the throat? Religious prayer / hymn to hope, and to think of any accidental. Ear keeps this mean someone will say, "Stop! This would not be hanged ". Mamatabhara float away and dear ones. Their heart cried mayamukhagulo thought. Think, for anything that could FEW you spend with them. Dear people could have a little hug.
Suicide and death hang in the death of one of the accused, there are many differences. To the disgust of suicide committed suicide. Moreover, there is the knowledge of good and evil is in the moment. Defendant sentenced to death for the sins of the world, the Maya and she gets plenty of time to think.

The last time the bright future for those accused of a crime, they can not have someone next to you. All those who are unfamiliar face. Everyone is busy in their duties. There was a voice filled with compassion for the victims' families. There is no one to pat his hands. There is no pain to the pain. Whether a person is dangerous as the big, this time he felt most helpless.

When a man is exciting to think of the future fate is not his knowledge. And as the time when the incident began. That's why manisira say, no decision should be taken not two lives. One of the very angry and very colorful. Both are likely to be wrong 90 percent of the decision.

1 pm on the last leg five minutes away from the bottom of the deck. Are stuck in the thick rope around his neck. Mysterious journey begins. After 10 minutes, carrying a doctor confirmed the death of the skin and cut the jugular. After the bodies. You do not need any food or water since then. Eat the food of the body does not work at night. After the stomach has been silent.

A defendant who wants to go back to the moment before his death. Delete mistakes wants to write a new chapter in life. Neither the passengers on the same route. We just do not know the time of death of our client. Let us look back at the last moment is switched on in the past he wanted to write a new for-each and every second, every moment spent brooding over ways to be honest. There is no fluid to delete the character to life account.

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