Why i Talk and laugh in sleep and how i shake off it?

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Talking in sleep, such as snoring is a problem talking or sleepy. Although he may not have any problem talking about who his next partner or roommate is having trouble sleeping. He could feel a lot of time talking to some purpose. But was later seen, he says to himself. Let's know Talking to slip into sleep talking or what, why and what is the remedy?
Talking to slip the key:
Talking to himself unconscious in sleep, sleep talking. It's kind of unusual behavior that pyarasamaniya or is in sleep. This time, the man could speak alone or fictional character. The content of his life took place in the distant past or the past or the imagined event can be any event. Speaking of sleep the patient is completely different from the normal way of speaking. Patients can whisper or murmur. You can also talk very loud. Balasaha sleep to laugh or scream and have quality, you might think that there a lot of time talking with others. However, the problem that people suffer any more than men, and children suffer.
Because slip takinyera
This is for several reasons. Generally speaking the reasons are: too much sleep, stress, depression, fever, lack of adequate amount of sleep, excessive drinking and so on. Many people are having these problems are inherited.
Takinyera slip remedy:
Do not eat too much before going to bed, eating, or drinking alcohol, do not worry about the extra time to sleep, adequate sleep is possible to get rid of this problem to a great extent. Also avoid foods rich in sugar and caffeine.