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PRAN-RFL Center, 105 Middle Badda

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History of RFL group

RFL group was started by Late Major General Amzad Khan Chowdhuri. In 1981 was the year when Rangpur Foundry Limited( RFL) founded. with the motto of a fight against poverty, RFL made their journey. Escape from poverty was the main motto in the beginning. For that, RFL started with cast iron product such as tube well, water pump and other product which will help villagers to solve pure drinking water shortest problem. Also, their land will get proper irrigation. That was a good sign.

After that, they look back to PVC product such as hose pipe, filter pipe and other material which is related to tube well and pump. With that, they did revolution on market. RFL product was so much popular and good in quality. 

In the meantime, they have to expand their business more and more. So they started manufacturing other plastic items like bucket, vessel, mug, jug and other home plastic items. Now they have many plastic items like chair, table, wardrobe, rack etc. Day by day they expand their items and company now they have many companies for the plastic item to. Their plastic company produces plastic items for the home. From washroom to kitchen room there is more than 2500 product available of them. Too keep food safe or keep clothes organized or keep the kitchen clean and good in a safe place there is no alternative to RFL plastics. If I made a list of their product that will need couple hour to read. So I am skipping that. They have their own plastic goods outlet in the whole country which called Best Buy. 

Also, they made the stationary product too.

Vision and Mission of RFL group

RFL has a unique and beautiful dream. They want poverty free Bangladesh. They are working for it. Their product really cheap rate with maintaining quality and safety. 

Career Opportunity in RFL group

Such a huge company. Yes, this is a huge company. Lots of people working on RFL group. They are very straightforward about their employees. According to RFL they are looking for some fresh talented people. Who can maintain their quality and also can give them the unique idea. Because of their versatile work field, they offer every people to join them.  But their condition is very simple. People must have to intelligent and mind to work with a team. By working together they want to build something unique and special. They always respect fresh ideas. They are looking for some people who can lead that company to gain more success and expand their company day by day. Also, you have to be strategic and sharper to gain success in RFL group. They have some simple requirement to become a leader in their company. 

You have become a hard worker. Because success never comes with laziness. Also, they don't compromise on their quality. They are very strict about their quality. You have to keep alert about quality work too. Also, you have to keep your commitment. 

We hope RFL will go far away from what they now. 


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