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A brief history about Prothom Alo

Prothom Alo was founded on 4 Nov 1988. Under the name of Mediastar Ltd, they run their newspaper and other activities. Now, this is biggest Bangladeshi printed newspaper. In 2014 they said, daily 500000 copy of newspaper sells in the whole country. You will find almost everywhere a piece of newspaper which is Prothom Alo. With success and complain they are the best. From the beginning of this company Matiur Rahman leading this newspaper as an editor. He also received Ramon Magsaysay award for journalism. 

From the requirement of the era, they build their online version of their newspaper which is now number one Bangladeshi website according to the report of Alexa. Also they same popular on social media. Till June 3, 2018, they have 13,644,758  followers on Facebook.  

When we are looking for a news. If we want a true and impartial news then the first name come to our mind is Prothom Alo. They renown for their impartial news publish whatever it is going against the government or other big fellows. 

The Sister concern of Prothom Alo

After successfully running newspaper they expanded their work area to many social activities. They build countrywide volunteer team which is called Prothom Alo Bondhu Shova. Bandhu Shova is famous for organizing math Olympiad in Bangladesh. Also, they have portal for jobs. Not only this they publish a teenage magazine called Kishor Alo.  So let's take look their other activities. 

ABC radio FM 89.20: One of the popular FM radio networks in Bangladesh is also running under the same company which is leading prothom alo newspaper. With some interested shows this radio also ruling in the Bangladeshi media.

Prothoma Prokashon: In 2008 Prothom Alo group announced their publication. The publication is known for publishing quality books. Also, they received Bangla Academi award in 2010,2011 and 2012. 

Prothoma Boier Dunia:  This is the books outlet of prothom alo. Where you will find books from their own publication and others. They also popular for importing international books especially Indian books.  They have total five outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Rajshahi.

Protichinta: Protichinta is a quarterly published journal by Prothom Alo. 

Kishor Alo: In October 2013, they published their teenage magazine called Kishor Alo. Which is now popular to all magazine lovers. 

Chakri dot com:  Chakri dot com is their job circulation portal. 

How you will  job in Prothom Alo

If you are very much interested in journalism then this the biggest opportunity for you. You can work here as a parttime journalist or full time. Also, there are lots of vacancies. As because of this is one of the biggest group. They need many kinda people to handle company. 

By the way, Not all the time they have been appreciated by the people. They also faced some criticism for their mistake. Including, jokes about religion, publishing books of humayun ahemd ( Deyal) where have a fictional conversation between the leader of our nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib and his son Sheikh Rasel. 

From our personal life, we know everyone has some negative side. Except that Prothom Alo doing great job in their own field. Still people believe what they says. Which is good enough to prove their quality. 




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