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Partex Star Group known for their multiple fields of productivity. By producing a large number of various product they are very well known in Bangladesh. The company was founded by Mr. M.A. Hashem in 1962 by starting with tobacco products. But now they enlarge their group of company in multiple sections. When we are talking about this group why don't we still mentioning danish foods? Yes, Danish foods group is running under this group. 

What Partex Star group produce

In the name of partex, they produce the different kinda durable board which is partex board, melamine board, Veneer board. Also, they produce door frames, doors and many dairy products. Under the name of Danish foods, they have many products: Danish condensed milk, danish tea, danish chanachur, Danish milk, Danish Chocolate and cookies. 

Company list which running under Partex Star Group

  • Star Particle Board Mills Limited
  • Partex Furniture Industries Limited
  • Partex Builders Limited
  • Partex Laminated Limited 
  • Partex Agro Limited
  • Partex Housing Limited
  • Partex PVC Industries Limited
  • Star adhesives Limited
  • New Lights Star Apparels Limited
  • Partex Aeromarine Logistics Ltd
  • Partex Cables Ltd
  • Corvee Maritime Co. Limited
  • Partex Limited
  • Partex Power Generation co. limited
  • Danish Condensed Milk BD Limited
  • Danish Distribution Network Limited
  • Danish Foods limited
  • Rubel Steel mills limited
  • Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited
  • Danish Dairy farm Limited
  • Shubornobhumi Housing Limited
  • Voicetel LimitedFerrotechnic Limited 
  • Geometric Business Development Limited

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So you can see a large number of companies running behind this group. In partex industry their product: partex door, door frame, partex board and other furniture rulings in Bangladeshi market. Also, their housing company and the dairy product is we renown in Bangladesh. 

Vision from their group

They always was top about their product quality and their vision is also to provide high-quality product till their company runs. 

Job Vacancies in Partex Group

The Partex Group running with over five thousand employees. If you are decent, hard worker and well skilled then a lot of vacancy waiting for you in there. By this 5000 people they covering the whole country including customer service and sells. This is tough so they need more people who are dynamic, passionate about work and have the ability to work with his own sharp brain. They offer very cooperatively to all of their employees. Also, they believe in group work which is key to success in every work field. 

So, if you are looking for jobs why don't you take a chance in Partex Group? They have the largest field in job market also we known company. So from our point of view they can satisfy all of their employees. 

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