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Founded: 1 January 1985 | 1000 Employees | 0 Follower

Paradise Tower, Plot #11, Sector #03, Uttara 202 views

We are bond with others in different way. But do you ever thought how we virtually connected with each other? Yeah right, with cable. So from that end, I can say we are connected with each other in different ways with the help of Paradise group. Because they provide cable which is including internet cable to electric cable. Almost every house have a single piece of cable which is from paradise cable. Their factory established in Fatulla, Narayanganj. 

The famous cable company " Paradise cable" was founded in 1989 by MD. Mosharaf Hossain. Also he is the current chairman of this group. From the house wiring cable to high voltage capability induction wire they build everything. But now company split themselves with many category. Now they have more than 14 companies. Including electrical goods they also have ISP( Internet Service Provider) Company too. Also have textile company too. 

Paradise group internationally certified for their high-quality product. They give us full protection by their high quality wire. Not only there house cable is good enough, they have also high quality 132KV conductor. 

let's take a look at their all companies:

Companies from Paradise Group of Industries

  • Paradise Cable Limited
  • SBS Cable Limited
  • Paradise Spinning Mills Limited
  • Paradise Fashion Limited
  • Paradise Hi design Limited
  • Paradise Dresses limited
  • Paradise Merchandise Limited
  • Paradise Marketing Limited
  • Saleha Wire Limited
  • Orange Network Limited
  • Paradise ISP Limited
  • Exabyte Limited
  • Best Life insurance limited
  • Prescription point Limited

So in overall look, First of they giving us cable to connect electricity. Then providing electronics product. You need internet connection? Yes, they have their own internet too. There are few textile companies which is leading by Paradise group. From factory made to outlet they have all. Also they have their life insurance company and pharmacy company too. 

Why Paradise Group of industries so important? 

First of all they are we know not only in Bangladesh. They are well renown in the international market for producing excellent quality wire/cable. They export their cable to many countries. Secondly, In our country legit product is not common often. From this situation Paradise group which is a Bangladeshi company making us proud for making good quality products. 

Career opportunities in Paradise Group

They have a large number of employees. Currently working over thousand people in this group. May be you can also take a part of their success by serving in paradise group of industries company. 

If you are an electrical engineer or student of electrical engineer then highlight this company as your work point. Because of their cable/electrical product they need large number of EEE engineer. Make some good result in your own field by doing professional attitude. Remember you may be talented enough but not professional you have no value. You have maintain your talent and professionalism both to success in any kinda job.

Also if you are expert in textile or you are an engineer in textile then you are also welcome in this industry. They have lot of textile company what can be your work field. 

They are very decent and always respectful to their employees. They believe that their success credit only depends on work of their employees. They never hesitate to give credit to these people who deserve that. 

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