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Plot 12, Block CWS (C), Gulshan South Avenue, Gulshan 1

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You know what? now often in Bangladesh, melamine board made any furniture called otobi furniture by mistake. You got me?  How high quality their product and how popular they are! That they diverted melamine board name to them. What is Otibi means? Otobi means Forrest. Company was founded by greatest sculptor of Bangladesh Late Nitai Kundu.  


In 1975 he started a small studio for building some furniture which also have artistic value. Soon that small studio turned into a 5000 peoples company. In September1984 Otobi  incorporated as private company limited.  

Because of that man " Nitai Kundu" Otobi got some unique and artistic design in furniture. Which helps to reach with customer. Soon they become most popular brand in furniture making sector over the country. Not only this they also export their furniture internationally.  

They have three factory to manufacture their furniture.  One located in Mirpur with 10000 sq ft area of industry, another in Shyampur with 300000 sq ft area, anther in Savar with 60000 sq ft area. 

Their Main office in Gulshan known as Otobi center. Also they have many outlet in Dhaka and other cities of our country. Not only this in our neighbor country India they have outlets too. In the whole country you will find tons of dealers who selling product of Otobi furniture.  

Now as name of modern reliable furniture we have easy solution. Which we called Otobi. 

 What they manufacture?  

Almost every kinda furniture available in our home and office. I mean As a furniture what we need? For a home, Bed, table, chair, wired robe, books shelf etc. They make all. Also for a office they build desk, shelf chair and everything. Now they are manufacturing their own brand doors and door frame too.

  Career opportunity in Otobi

You may can join their company as a craft designer. Or marketing officer. They have 450+ outlets in the country so they need lots of sales manager and others. You can easily fit in their. You may can job in your own area if you are join in Otobi Company.


                In last, Now I am sitting on a chair which is made by Otobi and also my keyboard steps on a otobi desk. Almost everywhere you will find product which is made by Otobi. 

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